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We have designed our e-solution for commerce service to be "right the first time". We want you to grow your Internet strategy with merseysite and to develop your e-commerce operations at a pace that suits your company.

Your e-solution for commerce:

1. Initial E-Commerce site set up: We do all the work for you, designing and building your first shop to your specifications.

2. Customized e-solutions: We can build your shop from scratch or convert and enhance your existing 'brochure-ware' site to a fully e-commerce enabled shop front.

3. Software: If you want to maintain your own shop, we will provide you with a software back-end that allows you to easily download orders and process them from your own web site.

3. Your own e-commerce-enabled domain name: A fully secure domain name that will enable you to receive encrypted data.

4. Digital Certificate and Secure Hosting Environment: All sites hosted, and transactions carried out with secure encryption.

5. Full customer support: Our trained Internet consultants will help your web site grow and give you expert advice available all the time.

7. Search Engine Submission and Listing Reports: Expert advice on search engine registration and a quarterly report on your ranking across the major search engines.

8. Statistics Reporting Software: Who is visiting your site, and how often are they coming, this software gives you all these answers and more.

9. E Business Tutor: In depth on-line help on building, marketing and maintaining your Internet presence.

And of course: all the usual benefits of a high quality business internet service provider, and then some.

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